Coil Slitting Line

Sometimes the producers need the coils with different width sizes. For this type of situations, we design and produce complete coil slitting lines. Coil Slitting Line is used to cut the coil longitudinally for getting the coils with smaller width sizes. Naturally, it is possible to cut the coil in any required width, by adjusting the blade numbers.

Coil Slitting Line is consisting of the following equipment:

  • Decoiler or Uncoiler machine
  • Coil Loading Device
  • Straightening Machine
  • Servo Feeder
  • Slitter Unit
  • Scrap Winder
  • Tensioning Over Arm Separator
  • Hydraulic Recoiler
  • Coil Unloading Device.

Our Slitting Lines can work with different coil weights starting from 4 ton up to 20 tons. However, the material thickness can be maximum 6 mm. Likewise, the input coil width can be between 300 mm up to 1600 mm.

Coil Slitting Process

Coil Slitting Line process starts with the loading of the new coil onto the decoiler machine. Once the coil loading car or coil loading device has completed the loading of the coil, decoiler starts the uncoiling of the coil. At the next stage, straightener machine is straightening the material and servo feeder machine feeds the material to the slitting unit. Further, slitting unit is cutting the sheet material longitudinally to get a required with. Subsequently, scrap winder machine is coiling the scrap during this stage. The last operation is the recoiling unit, where the coil with the smaller width is recoiled again. After the completion of the slittin operation, the operator is unloading the coil using the coil unloading device.

Coil Sizes

Coil thickness can be as less as 0,5 mm up to 6 mm maximum. For aluminum and light steel material, higher thicknesses are also possible.
The width of the coil material starts from 30 mm and goes up to 1600 mm.
Coil inner diamater can be different according to customer requirement. We produce decoilers for the coils with inner diamater of 300-550 mm, 350-550 mm, 400-550 mm and 450-550 mm.
The outer diameter of the coil is maximum 1600 mm. For the higher outer diameters a different system can be designed.
The width of output material is adjustable. The slitter unit can cut the coil into 10 strips at a time.

Combined Coil Slitting & Cut to Length Line

We suplly an universal lines – which is the combination of the cut to length line and coil slitting line. The line is capable to make both operations, according to customer needs.
Before beginning the operation, the operator is selecting the process and the line is performing only that operation. During the cut to length line process, after the feeder machine, guillotine is cutting the coil and the stacking unit is stacking them. During the coil slitting process, after the feeder machine, guillotine becomes passive and the coil contunues to the slitting heads. After the slitting process the separator machine is separating the coil strips. At the end of the line, recoiling machine is creating new coils with smalled widths.

Control of the Line
We use a special Schneider Software to control the line completely. The operator gives the commands from the operator panel to start the operation. Is is enough to input the coil features and the sizes. The line becomes ready to start the process with the given specifications. All process is automatic and no any human intervention is needed.