Cable Tray Production Line

We design and produce complete cable tray production lines, to produce cable trays. Our cable tray production lines are capable to produce the cable trays, tray covers, cable trunkings and cable carrying ladders. The line starts directly from the coil material and the end product is ready to use cable trays. The line is suitable for black steel cable trays, galvanized cable trays and stainless steel cable trays.

  • Cable Tray Production Line is consisting of the following equipment:
  • Coil Decoiler or Uncoiler machine
  • Coil Loading Device
  • Straightening Machine
  • Servo Feeder
  • Eccentric Press
  • Punching Tools
  • Rollforming Line
  • Stacking Unit.

Cable tray production equipment can work with different coil weights starting from 4 ton up to 20 tons. The cable tray  thickness is usually between 0,5-2 mm. The line is suitable for the production of cable trays with 100-600 mm width.

Roll Forming Process

The main part of the cable tray production line is rollforming process. The line starts with the loading of the new coil onto the decoiler machine. Coil loading car or coil loading device is loading the coil onto the decoiler and Decoiler starts the uncoiling of the coil. At the next stages, straightener machine is straightening the material and servo feeder machine feeds the material to the eccentric press. The press is punching the holes on the cable trays and cut at a required length.

Further, the cut material is fed to the rollforming machien for the final forming. Rollforming machine makes the cable tray from the sheet material using different rollers. The last operation is the stacking unit, which stacks the ready cable trays properly.

Cable Tray Sizes

Our cable tray rollforming lines are suitable to produce the cable trays with 0,5 to 2 mm thickness. The width of the cable trays can be between 100-600 mm. For 50-75 mm cable trays separate rollfroming machine is required. The length of the cable trays are usual 3 meter or 6 meter.

Adjustment of the Line

Our cable tray manufacturing line is adjustable to produce the cable trays with various sizes. Usually the companies produce the cable trays with 100-600 mm. One line can produce all these sizes. The adjustment is possible on the control screen. The operator just selects the required length and the rollforming rollers are repositioning automatically. The adjustment of the line from one to to another one takes only 10 seconds.

Control of the Line

We use a special Schneider Software to control the line completely. The operator gives the commands from the operator panel to start the operation. Is is enough to input the coil features and the sizes. The line becomes ready to start the process with the given specifications. All process is automatic and no any human intervention is needed.