Hydraulic and
Mechanical Decoilers
Decoiler or Uncoiler units with mechancal or hydraulic expanding system. Read More Contact Us
Straighteners and
Servo Feeder Machines
Straightener Machines, Servo Feeders and Roll Feeder Units for all kind of coil material. Unique design for each type of steel and for each sizes. Read More Contact Us
Coilmak Cut to Length Line Sheet Metal Cutting Machine Cut to
Length Lines
Cut to Length Lines for cutting the coil material intı the sheets. Up to 20 ton Coil capacity, robust design, precise straightening and accurate stacking system. Read More Contact Us
Coil Slitting
Coil slitting lines to cut the coil material longitudinally to get the coils with smallers widths Read More Contact Us
Roll Forming
Roll Forming Lines for manufacturing different types of profiles directly from the coil material. Production lines for cable trays, road barriers, market shelves, roof tiles, gratings etc. Read More Contact Us
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